An ode to the neutral colour trend


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With new trends popping up almost every single day, following up is sometimes quite exhausting. Instead of heading to the (online) stores every few weeks, we are longing for more consistent styles that we can rely on for more than just one season and lately, it really seems that there is something that catches everybody´s attention. We´ve already talked about the beige invasion last fall and since then the neutral colour has only increased in popularity. Having classic pieces in your wardrobe that are not neon-coloured or crazy-patterned is getting more and more important to many of us. Building a wardrobe that goes with everything and anything, is what a lot of women want these days and beige seems to be the perfect hue to achieve that. If you now think that beige might turn your closet into a boring something, let us tell you: you are more than wrong.

Beige is the colour we should all be wearing now

Beige is our new #BFF

Apart from the fact that beige has many faces (camel, cream, sand etc.), it goes with all sorts of other colours. Having beige pieces as staples and combining them with more bold accessories or accent items, doesn´t seem boring at all to us. If anything, it allows you to break with the fast fashion cycle and invest in good pieces which you don´t have to replace every single year just to follow some trend. Timeless styles always pay off and beige is (besides black) the most classic one and in no way inferior to all the colourful and striking designs we saw in the past. To be honest, an all beige look might currently be more eye-catching than any coral-coloured, studded, insanely patterned or colourblocked piece.

We already made an effort and found the best pieces from beige pants to beige blazers to beige shoes that you need in your closet now!