Are supplements worth the hype?


Photo via Instagram @cyntillating

Beauty supplements are booming. You see them on Instagram as well as in the stores. They are meant to give you fuller hair, stronger nails and glowing skin and are currently increasing in popularity.

Given the fact that they´ve been available in the drugstores at really cheap rates for ages, it seems quite unreasonable that they are now handled as exclusive high-end products. Aesthetic packaging and good social media marketing are most certainly what turn these pills, powders and liquids into luxurious, must-have staples that every beauty lover needs to have on their bathroom #shelfie these days.

You probably have also heard about collagen powder to put into your coffee, the skin-hair-nails gummy bears or “stay youthful” capsules at some point, but until now haven´t really got a buzz out of the beauty supplements that are on the market. They promise all kinds of benefits and anti-aging effects and you might be wondering if they actually work.

Generally speaking, there are a lot of factors why your hair might be thin or your skin wrinkly. Hormones, genetics, diet, environmental impacts, age and many more contribute to the way you look and feel. As long as you don´t have diagnosed deficiencies and your doctor or pharmacist recommends you to take certain vitamins, do you really think a single beauty pill or powder will solve any of these complex problems?

Don´t get us wrong, we are not saying that this is all charlatanry. Just be careful about what you put into your body and don´t believe the promised effects without calling them into question. After all, each body is different and just because it worked for some influencer, celebrity or your friend´s friend, doesn´t necessarily mean that it also works for you. Spending 40-80 euros for a monthly supply hence is a lot of money that can be invested elsewhere (fresh, organic food or a yoga class for instance).

In the end a healthy diet, exercising and enough sleep and water are the best ways to prevent yourself from wrinkles, breakouts and dull hair. So, get yourself some broccoli, an acai bowl or lemon water and enjoy the tastiness instead of painstakingly swallowing pills every morning! If you still want to use some supplements, be sure to do your research, read the ingredient list and don´t just fall for nice packaging and well-done marketing on Instagram.


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