The new beauty trends of the year


Photo courtesy of Bobbi Brown

Minimalism and sustainability are strong tendencies, not only in fashion but also in the beauty industry in 2019. This year is bringing us some significant changes in the beauty department, with innovative products and a new approach to skincare and makeup.

If you are as tired as we are of complicated skin regimes and all that contouring and heavy makeup à la Kardashians, you will love the new beauty trends of 2019:

Sustainability and minimalism

In 2019, you will need fewer products. Forget those bathroom shelves packet with tens of pots and bottles; the new skincare regimes are minimalist. You will use fewer products that are more effective and “intelligent; products that serve several purposes at the same time like a tone that also hydrates your skin for example. No more 10-step skincare routines that take you half an hour, the modern woman-on-the-go want practicability and efficacy.


Skin-healing Cica

Cica, or Centella Asiatica, is a medicinal herb that has been used in Asia to treat skin irritation, wounds, burns and redness for hundreds of years. The new Cica balms are fantastic to heal and repair the skin barrier that keeps your skin moisturised and prevents wrinkles. It is so useful for ageless skin that you will see Cica everywhere very soon!


Beauty from the inside out

This year, we will become more aware of what we put in our body, knowing that it is as important, if not more, as what we put onto our skin. Wellbeing and health affect our beauty, this is why in 2019, the approach to skin care will be more holistic, with products that help you relax for example, or beauty-edible products that work internally and locally.


Fighting pollution

Pollution is a big aggressor that causes skin ageing. Microbiome-balancing actives, which come from the yeast, are our big hero in the fight against pollution free radicals and oxidative stress. Microbiota-balancing boosts the skin immune system and natural defences.


Minimalist, monochrome and effortless makeup

As with skin care diet, in 2019 makeup is more natural and effortless. You will use fewer makeup products and achieve maximum effect; with sticks that can double as lipstick, rouge and eye-shadow, the monochrome makeup trend will be all in the same hue, as we've already told you here. Or, you can opt for a more dramatic effect, but still very simple and effortless to achieve. Use only a luminous tinted moisturiser, instead of moisturiser, heavy foundations, contouring and powders. Then, add a splash of colour, either with bold lipstick or with a theatrical sparking eye-shadow in foil texture like the one we saw recently at Michael Halpern’s show during London Fashion Week.