From an ancient technique to a fashion must-have


Photos via Shutterstock

Basket bags have been everywhere in the last couple of years and the trend is nowhere near stopping. We are sure your Instagram feeds and Pinterest boards are flooded with the cute straw and raffia bags and if you don´t already own one, you most certainly have at least thought about getting one. What used to be a beach companion that you would buy on a market at your favoured holiday destination made its way up to a luxury piece sometimes worth hundreds of euros. 

Basket-weaving has a long tradition and ancient folks have already made all kinds of utensils out of dried natural materials. It is funny now to see this thousands-of-years-old technique becoming a trend these days. Basket bags have namely evolved into a versatile accessory which started showing up as a fashion item in the '50s with style icon Audrey Hepburn and climaxed in the '70s when Jane Birkin decided to carry around her woven bag (in a very chic manner). Nowadays we see them all around the world paired with cool outfits at fashion week, fancy cafés and in the office. 


They are not just bound to summer days or trips to your local market stall anymore. Labels like Cult Gaia, Gucci or Loeffler Randall sell the must-have item as well as all the high street stores. They come in basically every colour and shape and with all kinds of details like embroideries, pompoms, tassels or metal hardware. Almost too cute to get around them!

The best thing about this trend though: if it ever goes out of style, you can still wear your basket bag to the beach or the market just like you (and probably even your grandmother) used to.