I want it too!


Every now and again, we start seeing in the streets of the most fashionable cities of the world some fresh new item slowly appearing and then becoming ubiquitous: suddenly everyone’s wearing it!

One of the latest trends is The Volon bags, more specifically, the Volon “Cindy Clutch”. 

In these last months, during the Fashion Weeks of NY, London, Milan and Paris, we saw fashionistas and influencers like Gilda Ambrosio, Yoyo Cao, Veronika Heilbrunner and Leandra Medine carrying the cute little clutch that everyone seems to be going crazy about!

Leandra Medine and Georgia_tal wearing the Cindy Clutch from The Volvo

Gilda Ambrosio, Camila Coelho and Song Of Style wearing the Cindy Clutch from The Volvo

The Volon

The Volon is a brand created in 2013 in Seoul by Eujung Jang, EJ, of handcrafted architectural bags.

EJ studied music and then started working with her parents in their interior design firm for a few years when she learned a lot about it and also about architecture. After a while, she felt the need to start her own business and started designing handbags inspired by the work of Italian architect Gio Ponti and artists Cecily Brown and George Condo.

What’s with the name?

The Volon comes from French philosopher Jean-Jacques Rousseau’s “La volonté de tous”, which could be translated as “the will of all”. In EJ’s words: “ It is the total of what one individual wants, so our brand strives to satisfy the very core of an individual’s needs.”

What’s The Volon Cindy Clutch?

The Cindy Clutch is a cylindrical little clutch in a kind of lantern-shape with a long metal chain and a cute tassel made of leather or ostrich feather, hanging playfully from the bottom of the bag. It comes in several different colours, shades and textures, metallic leather, in pastel colours combined beautifully such as light green with lavender or in bright block colours just right for Spring/Summer: orange, pink, gold.

They are fun, versatile and already a must for this season!

What’s next for The Volon?

Despite the brand's huge success - even Lady Ga-Ga wants it -, Eujung continues to work from the same little atelier, creating the wonderful bags only with 2 designers and overseeing the handcrafted production. She says she doesn’t want to become a star designer, she wants to continue to be true to herself and wants her bags to reflect many different individuals and their personal styles. “ That, above all else, is our philosophy.

 Photos of @manrepeller, @jeannedamas, @georgia_tal, @gildaambrosio, @camilacoelho, @songofstyle by @danrobertstudio