Athleisure is our best friend in the workplace Take your sneaker to the office.

Athleisure has long become mainstream, and this trend seems far from going away soon. As a matter of fact, athleisure is no longer reserved only to the weekends, you should actually wear it in the workplace without raising any eyebrows.

The athleisure trend makes going to the office so much easier, how wonderful and liberating is it to be able to leave the heels at home and walk on clouds with the super comfortable sneakers or wear stretching cycling shorts instead of restricting uncomfortable clothes?

But please, don’t get ahead of yourself; you’re going to the office, there are some rules and boundaries that you shouldn’t cross.

Although we love comfort in our office outfits, you cannot dress head-to-toe in athleisure to go to the office, leggings, kickers, sports bra and cropped tops should stay in the gym sphere. Knowing how to style your athleisure look to go to work is crucial.

Fran Lebowitz told us years ago that “Yoga pants are ruining women” and Karl Lagerfeld agreed, stating that “Sweatpants are a sign of defeat. You lost control of your life, and you bought some sweatpants”. But if you style them the right way, athleisure can look very chic and office-appropriate.

Power suits and sneakers

Balance your office look by pairing colourful power suits with cool sneakers.

street style from Paris fashion week with two fashionistas wearing suit and sneakers
Street style in Paris during PFW Fall/Winter ’19/’20

Dresses and sneakers

Wear chunky kickers or classic white sneakers to give a bit of edge to your dresses and skirts for perfect summer office outfits.

street style from two fashionistas wearing dresses paired with sneakers at milan fashion week
Street style in Milan during MFW Spring/Summer ’19 and in Paris during PFW Fall/Winter ’19/’20

Shorts, minis and sneakers

two fashionistas at Paris fashion week wearng  a short suit and a mini skirt paired with sneakers
Street style in Paris during PFW Fall/Winter ’19/’20 

Cycling shorts and long shorts are a strong trend this summer. Wear them with longer jackets and sneakers for a contemporary and very stylish office look. Mini skirts with a blazer and sneakers are also a cool option for summer but avoid very short minis, of course.

We hand-picked some beautiful sneakers to add a pinch of athleisure – and plenty of comfort – to your office look.

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