Affordable Scandinavian style


Arket is a Scandinavian label that, like a modern-day market, offers essential products for men, women, children and the home, but unlike most fast-shop brands, Arket sells affordable yet long-lasting garments that have a season-less design and high quality. If you are a Zara fan but would like to have more options where to buy stylish clothes with a reasonable quality and accessible prices, Arket is the place for you. But let's keep it a secret so that when you go out with your friends, you don't look all alike! 

The idea behind the Nordic label is to design fewer products that are each, the perfect version of themselves. Which means, finding the right items that become the solid foundations of all collections, and re-designing them over and over again, only varying the materials, proportions and colours to adapt them to each season, so that you will always be able to find new versions of that jacket or pants you bought before and loved. Arket is your go-to brand for those simple and versatile staple essentials that will last longer and are at the same time functional, understated and luxurious like only the cool Scandinavian design knows how to be.

Arket, the shop that is making us cheat on Zara

Arket is a sustainable brand, from the choice of materials and suppliers to the information for its customers about how to prolong the lifespan of their products. The sleek stores also sell products of other brands to complement their own collection such as the eco-friendly kickers Veja, Adidas, Clarks, Converse and many others, because they believe there’s no need to reinvent products that have already been perfected, which we think is a fantastic way to approach the problem of over-production and waste in fashion.

The Scandinavian brand, which is part of the gigantic H&M Group, opened its first store in London two years ago and already has several shops in the UK, Sweden, Denmark, Belgium, Netherland and Germany, in Munich, Berlin and Hamburg. Each store has a coffee shop that serves healthy, vegan and vegetarian food, to restore your energy after all the shopping, because, believe us, you will want to try on all the clothes you see at Arket!

Arket, the shop that is making us cheat on Zara

Meanwhile, as we wait eagerly and hope that they will open a flagship store soon here in Vienna, we can shop online their beautiful and timeless looks.


Photos via Arket