Because nobody parties like the Viennese!


Photo @ Wiener Staatsoper

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So now that the year has officially begun, we must talk about something vital: we’re reaching the peak of Vienna’s Ball Season!

The Austrian capital celebrates, like no other, Carnival, with more than 450 exuberant balls happening in various locations between November and March.

Some of the most sought after events are the Vienna Red Cross Ball on the 30th November at the City Hall, the New Year’s Ball at the fabulous Hofburg and the Vienna Philarmonic Ball on the 24th January at the Musikverein. And of course, the famous Opera Ball on the 28th of February, when Vienna is flooded by celebrities from all over the world to waltz in the grand settings of Vienna’s Opera.

How to waltz dance?

How to Waltz - Are you ready for the Ball Season?

One of the most fun balls is the Jäger Ball, where you should go wearing the traditional Austrian attire; Evening Dirdln for women and Jagdanzug (hunters wear) for men. The younger ones love to stay up all night dancing and then, after having breakfast at one of the traditional coffee places like Landtmann or Schwarzenberg Café, go straight to school wearing their beautiful Trachten.

But the Ball Season is not only about dancing and sipping champagne in magical settings; it is also about looking absolutely fabulous! The dress code on your invitation is not to be ignored and it is crucial that you have the right party dress.

Remember that each gown asks for a particular type of jewellery, for instance, if you like the “Princess” look and go for a full gown embellished with crystals or sequins, pair it with discreet jewels, but if you prefer a column dress or a straight maxi-dress, you can dress up your look with some bold jewellery.

But be careful not to look like a Christmas tree, when wearing statement earrings, do not wear a necklace or wear a delicate one, and vice-versa. The same advice goes for rings and bracelets.

We selected some great looks for you. Just pick one, put on your dancing shoes and start practising your dance steps.