Spice up your life!


With all this talk about Girl-Power and movements such as Time’s Up everywhere, is only natural that we remember those who basically invented girl-power ages ago. Yes, we’re talking about the Spice Girls! And then there’s that Instagram picture Victoria Beckham (the former Posh Spice) posted last week of the 5 members of world’s most famous girl band of the 90’s reunited, that fueled everyone’s imagination and had us wondering if they would go on tour again. According to Victoria, no, they aren’t, but who knows where this get together may lead them to?

 Almost 20 years later, are their ideas and style still relevant?

The British girl band style was loud and extremely in-your-face, and we loved them for that. They were all about having fun and being yourself, each one with their own personal style and individuality.

Even Prince Charles, the future King of England, and Nelson Mandela appeared saying they were their heroes!

If the band were still together and at the NYFW, they would have been very pleased to find in the latest fashion shows, the perfect outfits for each of them:

Victoria Beckham, the Posh Spice, who was always very classy and chic, would be wearing…well, Victoria Beckham, of course!

Mel C., the Sporty Spice, who made sporty zip-ups fashionable, would feel very comfortable in Prada’s boxer shorts, and in Fenty x Puma’s entire collection!

Mel B., the Scary Spice, who loved sexy outfits and animal prints, would, of course, be wearing Tom Ford’s animal print suits, Prada’s spiders and leopard prints and Roberto Cavalli.

Emma Bunton, the Baby Spice, would find plenty of lovely pastel colored little dresses and pants in Alberta Ferretti show and she definitely would be wearing Calvin Klein’s baby-blue dress.

Geri Halliwell, Ginger Spice, who was a kind of the human version of Jessica Rabbit, would love the glam and sexy figure-hugging outfits from Halpern.

And you, which one is your style?

Tell us what you want, what you really, really want.


Images - WGSN and Shutterstock