Upscaling your look like a pro


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One of the best ways to make your outfit look expensive is by using the right accessories, especially, the right bag. A handbag can take your look from high street to high-end as if by magic, and the good news is that you don’t need to have an Hermès Birkin, this magic trick works with affordable bags too, you just have to know how to find the right ones!

Upscaling your look with a luxury designer bag is not rocket science, anyone one with an Amex Black Card can do it. What we're about to share with you is how to find affordable bags that look expensive. Of course, this is easier said than done. There are a few points you must look for when choosing a bag, so pay attention to our tips and keep scrolling down to check the affordable handbags that look like designer totes and will upscale any outfit:

For the fashion enthusiasts out there; mix your last-trend outfits with a classic bag for a put together look. Less is always more. A simple bag brings chicness to your outfit.


A tan bag is THE accessory to have. Tan oozes elegance and you can pair it with any colour. Meghan Markle likes wearing matching ballerinas and a big tote in this caramel shade.


Avoid handbags with shiny metal chains or clasps, choose instead the ones that have little or no metal at all. And obviously, avoid cheap-looking plastic-like fake leather, the less your faux leather shines, the better.


Structured bags always look more high-end. Take advantage of the sculptural shape trend to get some great inexpensive bags like this cutie in gold satin.


Tortoiseshell details take any bag up several notches in the chic-factor. This brown bucket bag with a tortoiseshell-ish ring looks the part.


Snakeskin is pure 70's rock&roll. Wear this little black bag day or night to give a refined touch to your outfit.


We can’t get enough of yellow, add a fake snakeskin to that and we can’t resist it!


Need more space to carry a laptop or all of your stuff? This retro-looking crossbody bag is a stylish option at an unbelievable low price.


This structured bucket bag in yellow suede has a simple and chic silhouette.

Tan suede makes this slouchy tote bag look more luxurious.

Velvet always look regal. A dark green or Burgundy velvet bag is your best companion for a night out.