Activewear trends 2021: How to shake your booty in style Monday mood.

This year, keeping up with your new year’s resolution of getting fitter and healthier is easier than you might think. Luckily we live in a time when we can practice all kinds of sports, even during the lockdown. Although the gym clubs are still closed, there are plenty of online workout routines on Instagram and TikTok. Additionally, whether you want to do yoga, pilates, dance or box, you can shake your booty in style with the fantastic activewear trends in 2021. And if you need some extra motivation, here are the best women’s activewear, from affordable ones to high performance and plus size, not only for home workouts but also jogging or walking in the park.

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Asymmetry and cut-out embellishments

Asymmetric activewear pieces are stylish for petites and plus size women.
Photos courtesy of Alala and All Access

Thanks to the beautiful trends, you won’t have to change your activewear into your everyday wardrobe in 2021. The best women’s activewear pieces can be worn to work from home too. For example, the asymmetric bras and cut-out tops look elevated and modern when paired with wide-leg trousers. And the good news is that we selected the most accessible activewear pieces to update your workout wardrobe easily.

The best leggings for yoga and pilates

leggings are the best activewear trend for pilates and yoga in 2021.
Leggings by Anine Bing

The influencepreneur Anine Bing has just launched in 2021 her activewear line Anine Bing Sport, with workout essentials ranging from leggings and sweatshirts. Each piece is designed to pair back to everyday staples. So the legging for your yoga or pilates training can be also worn with an XL sartorial jacket during the day.

Sand and pastel colour activewear trend for spring 2021

best activewear in pastel colours for petites and plus size.
Adidas by Stella McCartney and And Other Stories

Pastel colour garments are one of the trends for spring 2021, and this includes women’s activewear too. From powder blue to sandy beige, all candy-cotton hues are welcome this year. Whether you’re petite or plus size, we selected for you the coolest pastel activewear. Weart it either head-to-toe in one hue or mixed & matched.

2021 biker shorts trend 

The best biker shorts for workouts and running.
Biker shorts by Anine Bing

Consider wearing biker shorts to exercise at home, and as soon as spring 2021 arrives, venture outside to run in this comfy activewear and show off your toned legs. After all, all that workout over Zoom’s paid off, so why not show the result?

2021 activewear trend: matching ensembles

Matching activewear 2021 trend for petites and plus size women.
Matching ensembles by Anine Bing

Matching ensembles are a trend that is back from the noughties. You can match sweatsuits or technical activewear in high-performance materials that stay dry no matter the temperature or sweating you do to achieve your goals in 2021.

Best sports bomber jackets

Adidas by Stella McCartney and Waterproof Adidas ensemble

Now that we’re practising sports in the outdoors we need warm activewear. These quilted and padded jackets are not too bulky so you can move freely, and they will keep you warm and dry in style during long walks or while jogging.

Title photo courtesy of Anine Bing.