Hurray, I guess.


I bet you can remember those very chunky, awkward-looking and weirdly colourful sneakers we all use to use in the 90s - Or something similar to what those ugly sneakers use to look at least. Right? Well they are still trending and the high streets (and by high street I mean, Zara) are now full of them. Joy. TBH, they have been back for a while now, we even told you about them some time ago here, but now they are “back” and they are threatening to stay at least for another good year. However, I have to admit that they are not that ugly. They are what I like to call a revamp of what we thought was cool back in another era. This trend promises us some extra centimetres, because they are platform sneakers and they come in many different colours. Yes.

The other good news (as if becoming suddenly taller wasn’t good enough of a beginning of the year) is that, no matter what style you have, they come in all types of different shapes, colours and styles, meaning that you will for sure, find your fish in the ocean. So get ready to rock those extra centimetres that these cheeky ones have to offer and start scrolling to your right to choose the ones that will look better in your beautiful shoe closet. I mean, there’s always room for a new pair of shoes…!

Profile Picture via Zara