Coffee is a true panacea.


We declared ourselves several times as huge fans of that black, hot and strong brew. Thereby the term “fans” might even be a slight understatement as coffee is literally our elixir of life. Its effects can be miraculous – it’s not for no reason that this magic potion is being constantly hyped. This time, we are not talking about hot beverages, but beauty and body care products! Coffee works as boosting and strengthening even when it’s not drunken but applied to your body. The benefits that coffee brings with it are numerous – and various! From smoothening the skin to promoting hair growth and so much more… Nice side benefits are that amazing smell and the fact that its origin is natural.

So, next time after sipping your morning coffee, don’t throw away that full dipper - rather take it to the bathroom with you. Or go ahead and have a look at these 8 amazing beauty wonder weapons that include our all-time-favorite drink!