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We are sure you are well into the fall and cold season by now and we want to remember you that the number one of shoewear for this season is (and will always be); black ankle booties. These offer the best choice in terms of weather conditions (not very cold or warm) and most importantly, the best fashionable choice out there. Not only do they look incredibly well, they are comfortable and add strong personality to almost any outfit. There are several tips regarding the ankle boots that we would like to give you today, along with our favorite pairs of the season! (PS. For some more boot-diversity don't forget to check out our recent fall-boots-guide ;).
Tip Number ONE
If you really love the narrow style boots, we suggest you to buy an extra half size, bigger of course. These narrow style ankle booties are very thin and tight, probably more than stilettos. So trust us on this one, get them an extra half a size bigger and let your toes be free inside your shoes. Also, remember that regarding the cold; your toes should be able to move inside your shoes if they are not the blood will not be flowing normally and this could lead to freezing your feet and not feeling your toes – personally tested that one and it was not fun at all.

Tip Number TWO
When it comes to ankle boots your socks should be chosen with care. Ankle booties may be open or tight to the ankle. In the case of the boots being closed-fitted to your ankle, you should go for ankle socks. On the other hand, in the case of the boots being open, you should either go for a pair of dark ankle socks or a nice pair of invisible socks. Like this, you assure yourself any uncomfortable sock moments.

Tip Number Three
Ankle boots may work as well (if not better) as your Ballet flats. Fall then is the perfect season to swap your ballerinas for ankle booties. They will look much more interesting, feminine and slimming than ballet flats, apart from keeping you much warmer of course. Keep your ballerinas save in your closet until next Spring, you will be just fine without them if you have your ankle boots. Also, try combining these boots with dresses and skirts, perfect combination!

Tip Number FOUR
The perfect touch when wearing some ankle boots is definitely showing some skin. Like this you achieve a much fresher look, you gain some height (making your legs look longer) and you will be letting your ankles breath too. Try rolling up your jeans a few centimeters, you will obtain the perfect look like this.

Tip Number FIVE
What about layering your ankle boots with socks while wearing a nice dress with tights? Fantastic right? This would be a very ballerina style look. It will keep your feet very warm and you achieve a cozy look. All you have to do is choose your favorite fall dress and style it with some dark tights and some knee-length socks in a completely different color. Then roll these down all the way letting them create a contrast to your booties. Oh, the art of layering!

Tip Number SIX
Last but not least, we definitely suggest going for some chunky heel boots. They are so comfortable and look even cooler. A good option is the awesome Crêpe Soles. Any type of chunky alternative will allow you standing on your booties for way longer than any other type of heel and they are compatible with all of the tips above.

Teaser Image by Camilapihl