Must-have items for the new season


Photo by Alina Asmus, styling by Christina Ahlberg,  courtesy of H&M

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While everyone else is jumping for joy at the sheer thought of hot summer days, I’m already worrying about what I’m going to wear to survive the rising temperature but still manage to be stylish and cool. Don’t get me wrong, I do love the sunshine, when I’m lying on the beach or a boat sipping cold coconut water, but living in a city and having to go to work every day, I find it really difficult to look elegant and composed during summer. 

I don’t want to be caught by surprise with a wardrobe full of clothes but with nothing to wear, so I’ve been searching for the must-have items to update my office outfits and summer wardrobe, pieces that I can add on to what I already have and achieve fresh new looks for the sunny days ahead.

Paper Bag Waist Pants


We love the flattering paper bag waist pants; they elongate your legs and give you a wasp waist even when you don’t have one. Choose natural fabrics like 100% cotton or linen that are fresher for summer.

Slip Skirts


Slip skirts are still super trendy. They are elegant and comfortable to wear all day, and in the evening, just add a little more makeup, and you can go out for drinks straight from the office. We found several slip skirts with beautiful prints that are extremely easy to wear, pair them with a plain white T-shirt, a long necklace and mules or sandals and you’re ready to go.



Jumpsuits and boilersuits are a must this year; they are versatile and practical, wear them with kickers or dress them up with heels and bold jewellery, but make sure you choose natural fabrics, or you will sweat buckets under the sun!



Photo by A crisp white Tee is your best friend during the hot days; it looks chic and goes well with your printed slip skirts or paper bag pants; it brings out your tan and your jewellery. Don’t be afraid to buy several ones; this is a staple everyone should have, and old yellowish white t-shirts with stains are a No-Go!
Colourful T-shirts with fun prints or tie-dye are also perfect for summer, but make sure they’re in 100% cotton.

Teva Sandals


If you buy only one pair of shoes this season, make sure it is Teva sandals. Fashion enthusiasts are going crazy over these chunky velcro sandals and so should you; they add an edge to your frizzy summer dresses and are so comfortable you won’t want to wear anything else on your feet for the rest of the summer!



And of course, you will need some swimsuits for your summer vacations! This summer, the retro-style one and two-piece swimsuits look so fab you will forget the old tiny bikinis at the bottom of your drawer and want these super flattering bathing suits that are invading your Instagram feed.