How to begin the new decade healthy, fit and glowing


There’s no better way to start a new year, AND a new decade, than with a detox retreat to cleanse and revitalise your body, mind and soul, and during the process, lose a bit of weight too!

After all the Christmas and New Year’s parties that undoubtedly consisted of over-eating and drinking, we all need to take some time off from our fast-paced life and focus on our well-being. Here are the best detox places in Austria that combine 5-star hotels in breath-taking locations with treatments that will help you start the year fit, healthy and bursting with energy.




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You’ve probably already heard about the Mayr diet, created in the early 20th century by Dr Franz Mayr, who said: “The gut is the human’s root organ”. The Detox packages at Mayr Clinic Maria Wörth and its younger and lighter sister, Viva Mayr Clinic Altaussee, are not for the faint-hearted. Expect Epsom salts - and the unpleasant effects, stale bread, a lot of chewing, and vigorous stomach massages, but also plenty of rest and amazing results. Although spartan, the 600 calorie Gourmet diet is delicious and won’t leave you hungry. The detox cleanses in these two idyllic locations are excellent for anyone looking for optimal health benefits. You'll go back home full of energy, with glowing skin and planning your next visit.

Lanserhof Lans



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Lanserhof is where Hollywood stars, royals and billionaires from all over the world come to detox and relax. There are many detox therapies that you can choose from, including the Mayr cure. They are combined with other detox treatments like baths, packs, massages using purely organic products to intensify the cleaning effect. The beautiful hotel is only 15 minutes away from Innsbruck, surrounded by the Tyrolian mountains, which makes it a perfect place for Lans Burnout Prevention, a treatment programme for stress management. The dreamy location surely helps.

Pirchner Hof - Hildegard von Bingen fasting



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Based on the philosophy of the Medieval saint and herbalist St Hildegard von Bingen, you won't starve during the spelt-based fasting week at Pirchner Hof in Tyrol. The holistic regimen includes a spelt-based diet, detoxifying massages and treatments, gentle outdoor exercises, regeneration programme and lectures on various topics such as nutrition, remedies and herbs, fasting etc. A detox for body and soul.




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The Hotel Larimar offers five different detoxing methods to chose from, all of them include a unique base diet, detoxifying treatments and volcanic mineral zeolite. The Ayurveda Detox, based in the Indian Ayurveda medicine and cuisine, purges your body, helping it to get rid of deposits of acid and toxins naturally. Perfect for those who enjoy Yoga, body oil pouring and massage. The hotel has a 6.500 m2 thermal baths with seven saunas, eight pools, including seawater outside pool and a nude swimming pool, if that's your thing, although I really cannot imagine who on earth would want to see a bunch of people who are mainly there to lose weight, swimming in the nude!

Grandhotel Lienz 



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Located near the Italian border, close to the Dolomite and the Grossglockner, the Grandhotel Lienz offers a state-of-the-art wellness centre and Spa. You can choose the Detox & Relax or Lose Weight & Detox packages, the first lasting four days and the second, eight days. They are designed for detoxification and body cleansing to get rid of toxins as a preventive measure and regaining energy.  

As Mahatma Gandhi said; "it is health that is real wealth and not pieces of gold and silver," so let's start 2020 wealthy, at least in health!


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