+ Our Favorites Of The Season


Luckily, fall weather is really indulging us this year. Golden October is showing it's best sides and thereby mild temperatures and many hours of sun invite us to enjoy the last warm days and the splendid play of colors of the trees. Also, it is a very convenient climate for fashion: It's leather jacket season! The leather jacket is a wardrobe must-have, a super versatile piece that comes on hand for any season and almost any occasion. It is simply indispensable. 

If you are not (yet) in the possession of a leather jacket OR you consider getting a new one, our advice is, to go for the classic black biker jacket. It is A) super cool, stylish, trendy and timeless and B) really goes with everything, even though it's very 'rocking' and nonchalant. Acne, Sandro and All Saints are some of the go-to choices here, but there are also more affordable options. 

Including the biker jacket, there are 5 all-time-favorite outfit combinations, that really rock. These looks are street style-approved and always, always, always work, promised!

1. Biker Jacket + Big Jumper

2. Biker Jacket + Florals

3. Biker Jacket + T-Shirt

4. Biker Jacket + All Black Everything

5. Biker Jacket + Dress

And Here Are Our Favorite Models Of The Season:

Images via Getty, Collage Vintage, Anine Bing