Travel like a pro


Travelling is great. What is not great about it is the face you find yourself with after you board the plane, train or car. And a quick shower back at the hotel sometimes just won’t cut it. What to do to fix such a worn out face? We know! Here are your 5 travel beauty essentials for your holiday travel plans. Indulge in these precious beauty tools on your taxi ride and feel like new!

The right travel purse


First things first, what is needed is a kick-ass beauty purse to keep in the most accessible part of your luggage, because no one wants to rummage in their handbag in search of mascaras and creams.

Dry shampoo


When a full shower (read: washing your hair as well) is not an option; a bottle of dry shampoo is a life saver. Nobody will know.



Are you carrying around two big blue bags under your eyes in addition to your regular luggage? Concealer is the friend you are looking for; better choose an all-organic formula and make sure it seems undetectable and doesn't feel heavy.

Tinted moisturiser


When your skin is thirsty, and also in need of a little makeup, a BB cream or tinted moisturiser is what you need.

Lipstick & lip balm


Hydrate your lips and give them a bit of colour with the aid of the award-winning Bobbi Brown nourishing lipstick that contains a blend of olive oil, cocoa butter, avocado, babassu and jojoba oils: comfort and makeup awesomeness in one single stick.

Have a nice trip,