Taking care of your skin the right way.


Skincare should be the most important part of your makeup routine. If your skin looks good, your makeup will too.

Choosing the right products and brands that you will use for your face is another important thing. But how do you know when something is right or wrong for you?

The best way to find that out is to go and visit a dermatologist or a cosmetician. Another thing you can do is to pay attention to the ingredients that your skin care products contain. The problem with that is, that a lot of times, creams, serums, tonics, and so on, contain things that you never even heard of. So what does it all mean? Let's take a look.

It is a preservative used to fight mold, bacteria, and yeast, but unfortunately, it has also been linked to breast cancer. They are usually listed, on the product, as Methyl-, Butyl-, and Propylparaben.

Ingredient mostly found in sunscreens. It can cause irritation and recent discoveries claim that they can also damage DNA by absorbing into the skin. Vitamin D deficiency is a known side effect.

This ingredient is further known as Polydimethylsiloxane or PDMS. It is silicone oil which makes products apply smoothly but a person can develop a dependency on the product and it can cause skin irritation.

C 13-14 Isoparaffin
Solvent made from Petroleum, which is honestly bad enough, but it further causes allergies.

A byproduct of two really toxic substances ethylene oxide and ammonia, neither of which are recommended for skin care. »Funnily« enough, this additive is found in 40% of beauty products, which are currently on market. It causes skin irritation and even more concerning, it builds Nitrosamines and can cause cancer.

Remember that the best companies to buy from are the organic and natural ones like Lush, Dr. Alkaitis, Annemarie Börlind, etc. Nevertheless be careful, some of the companies claiming to be natural can still contain bad chemicals so make sure to always read the ingredients list!

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Disclaimer: This article was written with the help of a cosmetician and other internet sources.