The ultimate guide on what to wear for a job interview According to head-hunters.

The first steps of selection are behind you. You passed the tests, the case studies, and your application went forward. Now it’s time to meet your next boss face to face. Then, finally, the big question pops up: what to wear for a job interview? We’ve checked the most significant head-hunters and career advice websites to answer this preliminary question properly and go deeper on the subject. And according to specialists, we assembled the ultimate guide on what to wear for a job interview.

Regardless of your immaculate curriculum vitae, we need to bring back this old saying: You will never get a second opportunity to make a good first impression.

1- Blue is the colour number one. 

The classic marine blue blazer or jacket is not only a safe choice but also communicates efficacy, organizational skills and trustfulness.

2- Black is the second-best colour to wear in a job interview. 

A black blazer with dark well-cut jeans and a pristine white shirt will convey the message that you are goal-oriented, competent and focused.

3-  White, beige and grey are your best friends in this moment.

You don’t want to experiment with your fashion style in a job interview. These colours are undoubtedly elegant and discreet. Beige, grey and white combinations elevate the outfit, making it look more expensive than it really is. As a result, first-class colours make you look already successful, and your future boss will love it.

4- What about red and orange? 

The best jobs&careers websites suggest avoiding these colours. Although red represents power, energy and force, it is better not to wear it in your first interview. This is because you want to show your skills as a good team worker, a flexible person, someone who will add value to the work environment. And red can be ‘read’ as the opposite; someone provocative, narcissistic and trouble maker. However, you can have red or orange in your accessories in small drops.

5-Can You wear accessories in a job interview?

If you are thinking to wear a hat to meet for the first time your future boss, don’t do it. Hats are a no-go accessory. And so is too much bling-bling. Take into consideration that you are not going to a cocktail party. So, excessive jewellery works as a distraction and also can be interpreted as a sign of superficiality. However, you can wear a good watch, a nice ring, a small earring, and eventually, a slick chain.

6- Do T-shirts, sweatshirts and hoodies belong to the corporate world?

If you are an IT genius heading to Silicon Valley or into any creative career, these three staple pieces in your wardrobe are perfect for a job interview. However, choose plain ones without graphics or controversial messages. You don’t want to start a discussion with your potential boss in your first meeting, do you? 

7- Shoes can make or destroy an outfit. 

I bet you that in the first 90 seconds of your job interview, your interviewer will check what shoes you are wearing. So guys, invest a little more in your shoes and socks. You will thank us for this advice. We promise you that brown natural leather loafers will put you to the side of the winners. And wear classic socks (no funny little patterns) matching your jacket—for example, a blue marine jacket with classic jeans, blue marine socks and loafers.

And girls, no high heeled platforms or overly sexy shoes are the right choices. Contrary, choose flats or low heels. Remember that comfort and modesty are on your side.

8- What do toiletries have to do with a job interview?

That’s my favourite part of Notorious-mag’s ultimate guide for a job interview. Because hygiene and self-care can say a lot about your personality and organizational skills, so clean your teeth before going to a job interview. Also, don’t forget to spray a fresh deodorant; this will make you feel comfortable and self-assured. However, even though perfume is inspiring, it should be used in moderation; be subtle. Regarding nail polish, choose nude shades. In this case, the message is that you will do your job as clean as you are.

9- No-makeup makeup

You want to look radiant and fresh-faced during your job interview. So, start with your skincare, the base of a good makeup result. In other words, cleaning and moisturizing your face to get natural glow skin. In the sequence, apply sunscreen. Then, you are ready to start with the makeup. NOT TOO MUCH makeup. However, it’s important to apply concealer under the eyes and dark circles. Then, instead of using foundation, apply a good quality powder to even your skin colour; it’s the best way to get a natural look. 

The next step is applying the blush on the cheeks and a bit on your eyelids and mascara. Finally, treat your lips with a creamy nude colour lipstick, avoiding anything too glowy or with a wet effect. 

10- Last but not least

Of course, the first thing in a job interview is your education, knowledge and experience in what you do. The second is how you communicate your expertise. So, feeling confident and relaxed is very important. That’s why your appearance is relevant in this kind of meeting. Looking polished and comfortable will help you and your future boss focus positively on your skills and potential. 

Good luck!

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Before your job interview introduce little rituals in your life, creating a morning routine to start the day like Doris Day; fresh and relaxed.