Stand out from the crowd


After following the Fashion Weeks of Paris, London, NY and Milan and falling in love with all those wonderful looks, it’s normal to feel a bit bored looking at your own wardrobe and have an urge to go crazy on a shopping spree but do not panic and get a grip on yourself! We are here to help you overcome this difficult time that lasts from the fashion weeks until the moment the brands and fast fashion stores have their new collections available to the public.

Here are some simple tricks we’ve picked up to help you adapt your wardrobe to the Spring/Summer 2018 trends seen on the catwalks:

Turtlenecks instead of foulards

Have a good look at those piles on the bottom of your wardrobe, for sure you must have bought at some point in your life a turtleneck. Find a western-style shirt, wear it botonned up to the top and layer it with a turtleneck under, as seen at Calvin Klein’s S/S’18 show. Wear the turtleneck instead of a scarf to keep warm in the spring evenings, 

Calvin Klein S/S'18_ Western look


Deconstructed and asymmetric looks, as seen at Céline S/S'18, are quite easy to achieve with some little tricks. Chose a tailored suit, the one you usually wear for formal meetings at the office, and tuck in the skirt only one side of your shirt and jacket, leaving the other side long, or just tuck one side of your top in a midi skirt and hang a nice scarf on your waist on that same side, the same way Dries van Noten did on his show.

Asymmetrical earrings will also update any look so mix&match your statement earrings, wearing one longer or bigger than the other. Have a look here to know more about it.

Celine and Dries van Noten S/S'18 asymmetry

Belt bags as crossed bags

As we’ve already told you here, belt bags are back and this summer, instead of wearing them around your waist like a belt, you should wear them across your chest, looking almost like necklaces, as House of Holland and Balenciaga showed us on the runway.

House of Holland S/S'18 Belt Bags

Cardigans as stoles

We have been wearings Cardigans again, but if you want to achieve a more modern look, try the trick Balenciaga used on his fashion show: tie the cardigan around your arms instead of around your shoulders the same way you would wear a stole.

Balenciaga S/S'18 Cardigans

Tied with ropes or necklaces

Get some ropes, that kind that you’d have if you were into sailing. Use it around your waist like a belt. You can tie hooks at both ends of the rope to complete the sailing-boat look as seen at House of Holland. You can also tie the rope around your ugly snickers as if they would fall apart without them.

Another fun and easy styling trick is to place your hair under a short necklace à la Alexa Chung,  just to shake things up by changing the order of things.

House of Holland and Alexa Chung styling tricks S/S'18

Photos via WGSN