Is Berlin a green hub for fashion?


Photo @Lara Krude

Sustainable fashion is slowly but surely becoming mainstream thanks to the effort of the many conscious designers who produce with respect for people and the environment, that we saw at the Berlin Fashion Week.

During the four days in the German capital, we saw exiting brands that work with innovative materials such as palm and pineapple leather and fabrics made of the leftovers of the milk, fish or coffee industries. The event presented many speakers with visions and strategies for the future of fashion and funding programs for sustainable designers.

For the Berlin Fashion Week, Claudia Hofmann, the founding member of the Fashion Council Germany and Neonyt freelance fashion director and consultant, chose more than 40 sustainable labels from around the world and styled mixing the brands for an editorial show, showing not only to people interested in sustainable lifestyle but also to the public em general, how modern conscious fashion can be. For a brand to be considered sustainable in the German fashion business, it has to work with natural materials, and also produce sustainably. This means; all steps in their supply chain must be known and sustainable, which includes Fair-Trade, the fair treatment of all employees, and recycling and upcycling, like producing from old fabrics.

Here are some of the newest and coolest brands that took part in the Berlin Fashion Week and that you should pay attention to because sustainability is the new sexy ;)

Buki Akomolafe 

5 labels to know if you're into conscious fashion

The German-Nigerian and Berlin-based designer combines high-end modern tailoring with sustainable quilting from her home country and Bangladesh. Akomolafe uses only organic materials such as certified cotton, hemp silk and individual African wax prints.


5 labels to know if you're into conscious fashion

Designer Marisa Fuentes Prada grew up in Peru, after graduating in fashion design she began working in Copenhagen as part of a designer’s team and then moved to Berlin where she launched her fashion label in 2015. She works 80% with certified fabrics, and 20% comes from old stock from factories in Peru to achieve zero-waste production. Maqu collections are made in Berlin and Peru, the clothes are minimalistic, avant-garde and timeless, and you can feel a blend of influences from several parts of the world.

Lara Krude 

5 labels to know if you're into conscious fashion

The designer from Hamburg Lara Krude won the “Designer for Tomorrow” Award 2017 at the Berlin Fashion Week and launched her eponymous label a year later. Her creations are feminine and elegant, using traditional German craftsmanship and certified cotton fabrics.

Working Title 

5 labels to know if you're into conscious fashion

Founded in 2018 by architect Bjoern Kubeja and fashion designer Antonia Goy, the label creates contemporary and long-lasting pieces using only pure materials such as cashmere, silk and cotton, and refrains from using polyester in its entire collection.

Elsien Gringhuis 

5 labels to know if you're into conscious fashion

To counteract mass production, the Dutch designer’s clean collections of garments are made-to-order in a smart cotton fabric that doesn’t absorb dirt, so it has to be washed less frequently, even red wine won’t leave any stain!