The Best to follow


Photo via @aljahorvatco

Oh Instagram… besides the basic designer handbag, avocado toast and latte art photo, you sometimes treat us with real treasures. While strolling through the app lately, we found some amazing illustrators who portrait strong female characters in a gentle and beautiful manner. This illustrations bring everything we love to follow: pastel colours, flowers and botanical details, playful patterns, fashion, highlighting womanhood in a natural way of being. Instagram was all about fashion bloggers, but now we are very much into the new tribe of female illustrators,  that´s why we don´t want to keep their accounts from you.

1. @aljahorvatco
The Slovenian illustrator Alja Horvat captures women in the most delightful way. The floral backgrounds, pink hues and cheerful patterns make you feel warm all over while still embracing the strong nature of her characters.


2. @marialaura_fedi
Marialaura Fedi´s drawings show elegant and strong women dressed so nicely that you actually want to be them. The faceless figures and muted colours radiate something so chic and effortless - we could look at them forever.

3. @isabellefeliu
The Canadian illustrator Isabelle Feliu who now lives in Oslo draws independent women who wear the most precious designer clothing, go on vacation, chill at home and do whatever they want to. A great account to follow for all the #girlbosses (and everyone else too) out there.


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4. @bodiljane
Dutsch artist Bodil Jane pleases us with illustrations that are detailed, colourful and fun. The girls in her drawings are diverse and we somehow feel the need to contact them to ask if they want to be our friends (for real though). 


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Angela Mckay, the woman behin Ohkii Studio got us in a real summer mood again these past days and makes us almost forget about the fact that we are heading into September tomorrow. Her watercolour illustrations take us into a world far away from our daily routines and sorrows and are thus a great source of inspiration.


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