You are your own boss - dress like it


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Working as a freelancer means flexible working hours, no annoying colleagues and pyjamas all day. Wait… pyjamas all day? When the “freelance” bug bites you, you gotta be ready for whatever situation falls upon you and a “bad outfit day” is absolutely non-acceptable within this world. When working on your own, you might get to work in completely different places. You will have to do a video chat with an important client, bring something to the post office or do meetings in parks, co-working spaces or hipster coffee spots that you may have never heard of. So you better say goodbye to your washed out PJ shirt or silk dressing gown and get ready to rock your new "I am my own boss"-look.

For all you self-employment #girlbosses out there, we have outfit ideas for four different occasions that you might come across in your freelance life. 


Freelancing can often mean having to meet your clients through Skype and this my dearest self-employed folks is a whole new form of art. Skype may enhance all those non-beautiful aspects that we may have and that is exactly why we have to be prepared for. A good concealer and casual looks are just perfect.

4 Voguish Outfits For A Freelance Lifestyle




Oh, the joy of having coffee while working and watching through the window. One of the best things working as a freelance may offer. This scenario however, deserves a very personal and comfy look that includes cozy sweaters and jeans.

4 Voguish Outfits For A Freelance Lifestyle




A go–business suit is a must. Power dressing will forever be a winner and let me just mention that nothing can beat a woman in a suit. You are just sending the right message. Rock it and be proud of who you are.

4 Voguish Outfits For A Freelance Lifestyle


Unfortunately, no one is exempt of these boring situations and neither are we, freelancers. Remember to look professional at all times; you are your own product. You never know who you might find or get to know, your next client could be hiding within all those long queues of bored looking people.

4 Voguish Outfits For A Freelance Lifestyle



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