Easy styling tricks to update your wardrobe


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On some days, putting together an outfit in the morning becomes the trickiest challenge of the day. Even though the closet is overflowing with chic garments, you just don’t know what to wear to the office or to go out. Luckily, with some pretty simple styling tricks, you can update your old outfits and achieve brand new looks super on-point. We have three style formulas to help you wear your last year clothes and look super contemporary and modern. So here is what you need to bring your wardrobe into summer 2019: 

Coloured-lense sunglasses



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You may ask yourself: "Is that it?" Yes, that's it! All you need to update your summer look is big sunglasses with yellow or red lenses and you will instantly achieve a cool and stylish look. Pair last year's beige outfit with yellow sunnies, a straw bag and sandals et voilá, you're totally summer 2019!


Bucket hat



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Another super easy trick to update your look is to wear a bucket hat instead of the ubiquitous Panama hat (I'm sorry, my dear summer companion, I still love you, but I need to do some exploring). A bucket hat will protect you from the sun and will add some cool streetwear edge to any summer outfit, plus, you won't have to worry about bad hair days.


Sandals' straps over pants



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This is by far my favourite styling tip, so easy to copy yet so effective and clever! I'm sure you already have one or two thin strap minimalist sandals that are totally on-trend now. Wear any straight-leg trousers you have in your closet; jeans, chinos, even tailored pants if you want, but give them a totally new shape by wrapping the sandals' straps around your ankle over the trousers' hem. The most fashion-forward trendsetters are already styling their pants this way, it looks modern and is incredibly practical because you will never drag your trousers on the floor again; perfect for those crisp white trousers you almost never dare to wear. Achieve the cool look of Amy Smilovic, the founder and creative director of Tibi by tying the straps over a loose overall or jumpsuit, and wear two trends in one look. 



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