Starring: BOOTS


On some days, putting together an outfit in the morning becomes the trickiest challenge of the day. Even though the closet is overflowing with chic garments, you just don’t know what to go for. You are unable to see the wood for the trees. Especially in this season right now, it needs a little extra thinking, because you have to take the weather into consideration. The shoe choice, for example, is crucial in fall and winter. Also, because they have to match the rest of the outfit. 

You would love to wear your new, sexy high-heeled booties, but they don’t fit that chunky, warm knit sweater. Or the Timberlands, that would be perfect for the snow, ruin the rest of your look. Forget about all that. You are overthinking! Worrying about an outfit takes away all the fun that fashion should actually be about. Let’s proof you, that unusual outfit compositions, including winter boots and NO pants, work even better than anything else and check these 3 amazing style formulas, inspired by the chicest girls out there!

Combat Boots + Floral Dress + Bucket Bag

Hiker Boots + Pencil Skirt + White (Ruffle) Blouse

Sock Boots + Checked Skirt + Oversized Coat