For kids, Halloween is the perfect occasion to play trick or treat and be naughty without getting punished for it. For adult, the night is an excuse to go wild and have maybe one cocktail more than usually. But not only us ordinary human beings like to party and dress up. Also for celebrities, it’s an important night and they don’t shy away to celebrate it and dress up in their best costumes. Thereby, stars get really creative. Of course, this is an ease for them, because for having a great costume, they don’t cut back on expenses. It’s like a competition, with one disguise topping the other. Costume, make-up, hair – it’s all been taken care of by professionals. You can hardly figure out if they are coming straight out of a movie set or heading to the next Halloween party. 

Check out this year's coolest and most creative Celebrity Halloween costumes!

Kaia Gerber as the 70s Queen

Jessica Chastain as Witch

Nicki Minaj as Malibu Barbie

Dua Lipa as Harry Potter

Joan Smalls as Minnie Mouse

Natalia Vodianova as s Jeff Koons Sculpture, Karlie Kloss as Marilyn Monroe & Izabel Goulart as Frida Kahlo

Teaser Image By Getty Images