Celebrate like a boss


December is already here, which means it’s time to find the perfect dress for your office Christmas party! Although choosing the right outfit for a work-related celebration is not easy, we’re here to help you. We selected twenty fabulous dresses from affordable high street labels to higher-end fashion, that will make you look like a million bucks at your Christmas party.

 At the office celebration, wear something festive, maybe more feminine and sexier. But do keep in mind that although it’s called a party, it is still an event in your professional environment. Modest fashion is the ideal style for office parties. Read our article Modest Fashion: a new trend? to learn more about it. But don't be fooled into thinking that modest dresses work miracles. No matter how well-dressed you are, make sure you're not caught on the floor, drinking from a liquid-soap bottle thinking it's champagne!

Statement Sleeves

Dresses with statement sleeves and lose cut are absolutely contemporary. They make great party dresses and are totally office-appropriate. Find in the article Earrings that changed jewellery's landscape cool jewellery to finish your Christmas-party look. 


Minimalist Boss

Minimalist dresses are so chic they show you are the boss - or at least, you should be! The sleek look and your elegant frugality send the message that you value what's truly essential; good materials, a good cut, and of course, the raise you're going to ask your boss the day after ;)


Print Dresses

Since you are as good a professional as a fashion-enthusiast, you read Notorious and are in tune with the latest fashion trends. So you rock a dark floral or animal print dress at the office party because you know these prints are some of the winter trends you're going to wear next year too.


Shimmer and Shine

If you want a look with some more oomph, wear a chic metallic dress in gold or silver or shimmering organza that are perfect for celebrating Christmas in style. Don't be afraid to invest in these glam dresses because, in winter 2020, you will look über-cool wearing your glittering garments paired with oversized blazers or chunky pullovers during the day too.


Velvet Dresses

Luxurious velvet dresses also look fabulous at Christmas parties but not only; you can wear them afterwards plenty of times. Dress down the party dress with ankle boots or sneakers to go to work or meet friends for lunch looking effortlessly chic and relaxed.


Now that you already have your perfect dress; read our Office Christmas Party Etiquette so that nothing can stop you from partying like a boss!


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