If you had only one wish for Christmas but there was no price limit to it, what would it be? Numerous women would now probably sing from the same hymn sheet: A designer handbag! Those daily companions are still among the most desired items for Christmas. There is probably no other fashion accessory that could be loved, appreciated and needed (!) as much as a bag. It is a woman’s flagship. Precious and luxurious bags are not something that we just buy, it takes time and thinking and weighing if it ‘pays off’ getting it. In the end, it always does, right ;) 
But maybe it happens, that your Christmas wishlist is still empty or you think you deserve something very special because you have behaved so well this year – for this case, you should slip your beloved one this tiny list. There, we choose the best of the best designer handbags to have now. From Valentino over Loewe to Balenciaga – they are all on board. They are the most trending bags of the season but their lifespan is much longer than that. Because of their versatility and their endless coolness, they will bring you joy and happiness for many, many seasons to come. 

Teaser Image by Valentino