Netflix & Popcorn or Netflix & Beer?


Bodyguard on Netflix

With shorter and colder days, now it’s the time when you don’t need to elaborate fancy excuses anymore to stay home all day and night and Netflix-series-binge-watch. Fall calls for sofa and popcorn :) And so that you don’t waste your precious time flicking through Netflix overwhelming options looking for something new to watch, here is, with no further ado, our editor’s selection of series you shouldn’t miss: 

1 - Bodyguard

At first, I didn’t even bother to read what this series was about; its name made me think of that dreadful movie with Kevin Costner and Whitney Huston ( “And I-I-I-I-I-I-I, will always love you-u-u-u”). But this is a nail-biting thriller made by the BBC worth watching. By the way, it was one of BBC’s most watched shows, even more successful than Downton Abbey, and it's now available on Netflix. The six-episode series shows the complicated relationship between the British Home Secretary and her bodyguard, from the Specialist Protection Branch of London’s Metropolitan Police. He is not the kind of Mission Impossible-Super-Hero-bodyguard, but a former soldier with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). The politician he has to protect supports the war he fought in and which effects he is still struggling with. It is a dark thriller, yet refreshing and fun.

10 great Netflix series to get you through fall

2 - House of Cards

This amazing political thriller revolves around a ruthless couple, a Congressman, brilliantly played by Kevin Spacey ( who was fired from the successful show in season 5 amid sexual misconduct allegations) and his wife, played by Robin Wright. After being betrayed by the President, the manipulative couple seeks vengeance and plots to attain power. The show’s already won several awards since it began in 2013 and is now in its final season 6.

10 great Netflix series to get you through fall

3 - Daredevil

Marvel’s superhero Daredevil is a lawyer who became blind as a young boy in a tragic accident. During daytime, Matt Murdock fights injustice as an attorney, and at night, he becomes the masqued vigilante that fights crime in New York. The show, in its third season, is a mix of action thriller and political espionage that grows better with each new episode.

10 great Netflix series to get you through fall

4 - Maniac

A dark psychological thriller about a mysterious and radical pharmaceutical treatment that should help Owen deal with his schizophrenia and Annie, with the heartbreak because of her unhealthy relationships. The two and ten other strangers take part in a three-day trial, which the doctor assures, will solve their problems with no side-effects. But it is not what happens.

10 great Netflix series to get you through fall

5 - Fauda

A retired Israeli undercover agent comes back to action to hunt down a Hamas terrorist that he believed he had already killed in the past. The political thriller shows the two sides of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. The Isreali series received several awards, including Best International Show by The New York Times.

10 great Netflix series to get you through fall

6 - Riverdale

You may remember the Archie Comics books, that first appeared in the 40's and was a very popular TV teen-cartoon in the 70's. This new series shows a darker version of the small-town life in Riverdale, where, behind the perfect bubbly facade, Archie and his friends hide weird and sombre stories.

10 great Netflix series to get you through fall

7 - Queen of South

The crime drama is an adaptation of the soap-opera La Reina del Sur. After her boyfriend is killed by the drug cartel, Teresa escapes from Mexico to Dallas, where she manages to build a drug empire and intends to revenge her drug-dealing boyfriend’s death. Teresa is played by the talented Alice Braga, the niece of the Brazilian actress Sonia Braga.

10 great Netflix series to get you through fall

8 - Haus des Geldes

This Spanish TV series is a crime drama about the plan of a criminal genius and the five-month-long preparation of the team he puts together for a multi-day assault on the Royal Mint of Spain, the banknote printing company. The plot is exciting and never predictable.

10 great Netflix series to get you through fall

9 - Norsemen

If you liked the series Vikings, this is the show for you. The Norwegian comedy series is a parody about life in the village of Norsemen around the year 790, including tribal disputes, a chief who wants to modernise the local culture, conflicts with neighbouring villages and so on. The author cleverly recreates stories of today in the Vikings’ lives.

10 great Netflix series to get you through fall

10 - Modern Family

This American sitcom premiered almost ten years ago and is now on its final season. The series revolves around Jay and his second wife, a much younger, beautiful and passional Colombian, Gloria, their baby son Fulgencio Joe, his step-son from Gloria’s first marriage, and his two adult children with their own families. The comedy is full of stereotypical characters and hilarious situations that happen in the large family, which are taken to the extreme by their inability to deal with them.