Look like a Brit


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While Milan and Paris are the sleek cities, London has the most creative and exciting street style; the British are famous for their daring and avant-garde fashion style that has set so many trends over the years. During LFW Fall/Winter 2019, things were no different; the streets were buzzing with fashion lovers from all over the world, and we could spot several trends that you should add to your wardrobe ASAP.

Beige reigned supreme, with editors, models and influencers wearing all hues of beige from head-to-toe, like oversized pantsuits and coats paired with statement jewellery, neon accessories and eye-catching boots or heels because, you know, nothing is basic in London, not even the basics, darling!  And here’s what the stylish showgoers did to add a twist to the beige trend:

Oversized belted trench coats

1 + 10 hottest street style trends in LFW

When in London, do as the Brits do and wear the coolest and most versatile staple in anyone's wardrobe; the trenchcoat. But make sure it is really oversized, and don't forget to belt it 

Tied around the neck

1 + 10 hottest street style trends in LFW

A pullover tied around your neck and hanging on the front or side instead of the preppy sitting on your shoulders kind of thing is a great styling trick easy to copy, that adds instant coolness to your outfit. 


Natural and hand-woven fabrics like crochet are hotter than ever among fashionistas looking for a more sustainable world. Pair the grandmother-ish crochet with oversized pantsuits, add some lace and a chunky necklace and you have a super contemporary look.

Animal print

London is still going wild for leopards and snakes, pardon the pun, which means you won't need to put your favourite beasts out to pasture yet, forgive me again, I can't help thinking silly word plays.

Colourful bikers with logos

Because one cannot live only in earthy hues, why not wear leather biker jackets in bright colours and covered in logos? Bikers are perfect for spring and bring fun to any look.

Distressed jeans

 Ripped and bleached denim, which was hot in the ‘80s and '90s, is a thing again. Deconstructed jeans put back together like a Frankenstein patchwork are one of the denim trends for this year, and we saw several during LFW.


Tartan has been everywhere this season, and we can't get enough of it. And nothing more natural than wearing plaid in London, right? Tie a pullover around your neck or choose an oversized outwear in bright yellow with tartan details and you can't go wrong!

Chunky knitwear and bright colours

Oversized and chunky pullovers in bright colours look fabulous to complete an all-black look, but you can also pair it with some colourful pants too. Wear your chunky knit over silk and lace evening dresses for a super cool look.


Pardon, Monsieur Lagerfeld, we know how much you hated leggings, but the London crowd managed to look fashionable in fun leggings and even ski pants.

Flower power

Spring is approaching, and we're drawn to flowers, maybe not groundbreaking, Miranda, but inevitable. But what we saw in the streets of the British capital were not the usual romantic florals with tiny flowers, they were bold, colourful and fun.