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Some bags make every outfit chic and Instagram-worthy, especially when they are a numbered piece of art. And it takes only one look at any 0711 Tbilisi bag to see that it is the one. Already recognisable, the plexiglass handbags with knitted details originally from Georgia won the hearts of it girls all over the world thanks to an unusual combination of textures and a wide range of colours.




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All products of 0711 are traditionally hand-made in a studio in Tbilisi by local artisans. The products combine clear geometric shapes of plexiglass and plywood bases and hand-knitted yarn. The best thing – you can pair them with anything, from jeans & a hoodie to your favourite cocktail dress and look super fancy in both scenarios! 


0711 was founded in 2012 by the Georgian designers Ani Mokia and Nino Eliava. The brand specialises in knitted products for women. Large hand knitting, bright colours and semiprecious stones in decorative finishing are the distinctive features of the brand 0711 accessories.




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How it all started


Nino and Ani launched their online store Moreislove and together with it, announced knitted hats and scarves with large stones as a teaser to their upcoming products. The hats were quickly sold out, and it was a great sales start.

After that, the co-founders put up a new collection in one of the showrooms in Paris during fashion week. And then, an ordinary miracle happened - the buyer of the famous French department store Le Bon Marché passed by and bought ... everything. Now, 0711 accessories, including wooden it-bags and tote bags, do not leave street style reports.



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The Georgian duo presents their 0711 handbags at TSUM in Moscow, Brown's high-end store in London, GENTE in Rome, Beams in Japan and many other world-class stores. In total, they sell in 30 stores around the world. Their main task for the upcoming season is to move 0711 into new markets.

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