5 Sustainable Fashion Brands To Know In 2017

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Yes, shopping is great, but ain’t it even more so knowing that we are actually not harming the planet in the process? Nowadays, the struggle for a more environment-friendly production in several fields has brought a promising amount of sustainable brands on the fashion market. Problem is, they still don’t have all the recognition they deserve, nor the spotlight. We are here to try and change that. Here are our favorite sustainable brands you should really really get to know in 2017.



As wedding season approaches, we’ve got to keep our eyes peeled for all the right gowns. Truvelle gives us just that: simple, modern attire for the fashionable bride, all of it handmade and with minimal waste.



These easily-recognizable sneakers are French, simple, and very dedicated to keeping things environment-friendly. Sustainable natural Amazonian rubber, organic cotton, and minimal waste do the trick.

Les Récupérables

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High-quality, easily discarded fabrics are key for this French brand that takes recycling to the next, addicting level. Just a look at their creative patterns and cut is enough to fall in love for good.

Filippa K.


Quite well-known in the world of fashion, Filippa K. is a label that takes good care of doing things right. Inspecting every step of the process, from material sourcing to disposal, Filippa K. ensures each and one of their pieces is eco-friendly.



Founded by Brendon Babenzien, former creative director of Supreme, Noah is a simil-street brand interested in social activism and fighting for the right environmental causes, such as ocean pollution and the use of pesticides.

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