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4 Misconceptions About Millennials You Should Reconsider

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Image by Same Rowe samdraws.com
Image by Same Rowe samdraws.com

Much chat revolves about Millennials, mostly about how they are not cool. But is that even true? Let’s see what is and what isn’t, in our humble (but mostly first-hand-experience-based) opinion. Here are the most common misconceptions about Millennials, debunked.

Millennials are lazy

Let’s start with my favorite¬†and the most absurd of all. Of course, lazy people exist, and I am sure several happen to be young. In the same way, it is also very normal for one generation to see the next one as “having it easier”. However,¬†most Millennials I know are hard-working individuals that are just made tougher by a very unforgiving market.

Millennials are all about social media

Sure, social media is taking over our lives. All of our lives. SO much that we literally cannot wait to get home and disconnect a little (or a lot). Also, my grandparents are on Facebook, which says it all about it being a generational thing.

Millennials are entitled

We all know that someone who thinks he/she deserves it all just because he/she exists. That someone is called spoiled. I do know a lot of spoiled Millennials, and I know just as many non-Millennials with the same problem.

Millennials are narcissistic

This goes hand in hand with the entitlement claim. It is actually also the misconception closer to the truth. A lot of Millennials have parents who have raised them showering them with compliments, and they are starting to become the same kind of parents themselves. This said, give us a chance: we know how to handle real life when thrown at us.

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