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Notorious Etiquette: How To Act Like You Are A Serious Person (And Be Happier)

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Photo via jamienelsonphoto.blogspot.co.at
Photo via jamienelsonphoto.blogspot.co.at

There are moments in life when we feel like it’s time to be taken more seriously. At work, at home, or even with ourselves, we easily get annoyed at some part of our routine and we need one thing and one thing only: change. Here is our very own cheat sheet to act like a serious person and convince just about everybody (even yourself).

Put on some music in the morning

Jumpstart the day putting your mind at ease and yourself in a good mood listening to your favorite music. Put on your favorite music and hop in the shower!

Keep a journal

It might seem trivial, but it sure isn’t. A journal, especially if kept regularly, can help free your mind and let you go about your day more care-free. Also, it’s great to read it when you are in the mood for a stroll down memory lane!

Keep informed

Read the news every morning, be aware of what happens in the world. This won’t just help your conversations with colleagues and friends, but it will also give you a clearer view of the surroundings. Get out of your bubble.

Dress for the job you want

Not the one you have. Unless the one you have is the one you want. In any case, look your best and do it for yourself.

Don’t underestimate the power of a good routine

Set your goal and then go for it, but don’t rush. Every achievement needs time and dedication. Set a realistic routine and then stick to it.

Treat yourself from time to time

It is important to stick to your goals, but a treat from time to time is also necessary. Go on a trip when needed, enjoy alone-time frequently and allow yourself one day a month to unplug — yes, we mean airplane mode on your phone.

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