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Notorious Etiquette: What To Bring To A Dinner Party

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Photo via carnabymedia.com
Photo via carnabymedia.com

Being a good guest (or a good host) is not as easy as it looks. And in these months of few holiday-related excuses to party, I am betting most of your friends are throwing dinner parties like it’s raining. You know, to fill the void. And a dinner party is an offer you cannot (and would not) refuse. Sure, but just because they cook for you, this doesn’t mean you can just show up and that’s the end of it. There are things to be done! Or better, things to be brought.

In doubt about what to bring to a dinner party? Here is what we are bringing.


Show up, don’t be that friend. You know which friend I mean: the one who is always “sick” but is actually just at home wearing pajamas, dodging all party invitations. That friend won’t get many more invitations in the future. Don’t be that friend.


You can be sure the host will be putting some wine on the table, but it’s always a nice gesture to bring a bottle (plus, it means more wine). If you can, make sure to get something the host will certainly like, and possibly the same color as the one they are going to serve at dinner.


How many people do you know who don’t like chocolate? Exactly. In lack of wine, a box of chocolates is always a good pick that will delight any host, on a diet or not. If you really are dealing with a chocolate hater, go for the second-most-belovedĀ of sweet treats: ice cream, of course.

A little gift

Alternatively, a small gift is always very thoughtful, especially if the dinner party thrown is of considerable size. If your host has just recently moved in, it’s always nice to bring a little ‘housewarming’ present.

The right outfit

Don’t just show up like you’re going for lunch at your grandma’s. Wear what you would wear at a regular party — ok, maybe a little longer than that.

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