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In Love With Gucci

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Everybody is in love with Gucci again. For years, the luxury Italian brand has been a little dull, recreating itself and still drawing inspiration from Tom Ford’s legacy. The sales and the public interest for the brand dropped, and then all of a sudden, Alessandro Michele appears. The savior Alessandro, a 43 years old Italian, who has been working for Gucci for the past 14 years in the accessories department. And what a delightful surprise, the design of Gucci clothing and accessories are like a bomb of excitement for today’s tired and predictable fashion world.

Alessandro Michele, who has his particular taste for antiques and art history, has transformed Gucci in a big party of luxury, sense of humor and thrift shop.

Everything seems a little vintage, a little over the top, but it’s not. Gucci is the new. The mix of materials and colors are invigorating: a yellow lace shirt, worn with a pink metallic pleated skirt, with red socks and gold sandals, and it’s chic.


Gucci women are no longer sexy: they wear a T-shirt closed up to the neck, big eyeglasses, skirts to the knee and a beret. Sexy is the past; the new Gucci woman is young, curious, intelligent, irreverent; they are a punk in pink.

And since Alessandro Michele came from the accessories department, we couldn’t expect anything other than an important collection of bags. While other luxury brands are struggling to sell their logo printed bags, like Louis Vuitton for example, Gucci became the star of the street style divas. Dionysus and Sylvie, are some of the recent successes of the brand. To have a taste of the new Gucci world, watch this funny video from Cultural tastemaker Lubna Mobied from Dubai. She takes her Gucci Sylvie bag on a playful journey to the city of gold, in a production of the super cool fashion magazine Savoir Flair.


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