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Notorious Etiquette: How To Mentally Prepare For The Holidays

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Via digitalspy.com
Via digitalspy.com

Oh, Christmas holidays. How long we wait for you every year. Almost as long as we wait for summer. But while finally embracing summer consists of a great roller-coaster of emotions going back and forth between white sand, sparkling sea, shorts and sandals, Christmas holidays are greeted excitedly for very different reasons. Family of course. And an amount of food so great you didn’t know your body could handle. It’s exciting, it’s scary, it’s mentally exhausting. Here is how to prepare for the holidays, the most wonderful and stressful time of the year!

If you haven’t, pick up a healthy habit before

Things like running a couple of times a week or following a steady and healthy diet are good habits to pick up any time of the year, and will help you stay sane through the kilos of dinner plates thrown at you, if you keep them going.

Buy the freaking gifts on time

There really is now way around it. Just buy them now. Now!

If you’re single: prepare a solid no-boyfriend/girlfriend story

We all have that relative (or more) who never fails to repurpose the same question every year, no matter how old you are, as she/he is passing you the potato mash: “So, you got a boyfriend/girlfriend?”. You know the question is coming. If you think you’re going to suffer from a mental breakdown if you hear that sentence yet one more time, prepare an answer in advance. Maybe a sharp one. “No, Aunti Evelyin, what about yourself?”

If you’re not single: prepare your boyfriend/girlfriend, please

You know how slightly drunk relatives like to get old photo albums from some dusty corner and show them all to your secretly desperate Significant Other? If you’re taking him or her along, prep him extensively.

Mentally prepare for the feast you are about to indulge in

The amount of food and the quality of it is probably going to be insanely amazing. But are you ready to welcome it into the temple which is your body?

Most of all, focus on the important things: your loved ones

Yes, they can be annoying, they can be pressing, they can be many things but they are mostly one: your lovely family! Enjoy it.

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