Notorious Tested Beetox, Anti-Wrinkle Treatment With Bee’s Venom

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A month ago, Notorious began to test an anti-wrinkle treatment made of bee’s venom, which promises fine lines reduction from the second week of use.

Everything started because I have read in a blog that Gwyneth Paltrow and the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate, use creams that contain bee’s venom, also known as beetox. I immediately started googling all about it, especially because using Botox does not go through my mind, as well as any other invasive procedure. I’m not trying to make a moral judgment against plastic surgery or injections, I just dislike the result.

Therefore, Beetox, as natural Botox, would be perfect, right?

After reading several scientific studies from different sources, I went to Amazon and bought a cream from SKIN DOCTORS. My criteria for choosing wasn’t the cheapest nor the most expensive one. A single 50 grams unit cost 36 euros.


Important information: if you are allergic to bee sting, don’t even finish reading the article, because the cream’s effect is similar to a bee’s sting – the brain receives this information and to fight the aggression, it accelerates the production of collagen.

I’m 54 years old, I am generally happy with my skin, but I have a deep wrinkle in my forehead between my eyes, which I realized that it gives me an angry look. After 2 weeks using Beetox every morning and every night, I have already felt big changes.

After 4 weeks, I have the strong impression that the wrinkle between my eyes is almost flat and my skin firmer.

I wouldn’t know the best brand in the market, but reading I have discovered that the bee’s poison from New Zealand is the best one. New Zealand’s creams can cost up to 300 euros. And the serum ones are more effective than the creams.

Hope you liked this information, maybe you want to see more tips about beauty here.



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