What Your Workout Clothes Really Say About You

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Have you ever walked into the gym and felt like everyone was judging you? Well, sometimes it just can’t be avoided. Not in a bad way, just a way. When you go to work out, your style can say everything about you, just like it can any other time of day – but gym attire is something entirely special because there are only so many ways you can wear it and each reason entirely apparent in its own funny way.

The Flash Dancerflashdancer-636x246

You also probably have Maniac on repeat on your iPod. We already know you are very enthusiastic about your work out, looking to the times of Jane Fonda and Richard Simmons and of course your hero Alex Owens for motivation.

The Normcore Workout-er


You can find the Normcore-er in classic work out leggings and a run down shirt. These are just her workout clothes – she’s a busy gal with no time to worry about what she looks like when she sweats. The aim is comfort to get in and get out as quick as possible to get on to bigger and better things.

The CoordinatorThecoordinator-636x313

She has her gym attire down to a science… Everything must match… alway. She seems to have a pair of gym sneakers for every mood, which may seem a bit neurotic to some but she is also probably the most fit one there.


The Confusedtheconfused-636x309

We’ve all seen this one. Where someone couldn’t really make up their mind whether or not they wanted to go to the gym – and then all the sudden they are there… but why, you can’t really do squats in jeans. Or maybe this was their first time and didn’t really know what to expect. Either way, they must really confused.

The Facetheface-636x283


Okay, a full face of make-up is acceptable if it is 6 o’clock on a workday, but before noon on a Saturday… you know there is someone there this girl is trying to impress. How are you supposed to really workout if you are afraid your face might melt off if you move too much?


The Pinterest Pony


You can spot her right away. The girl who gets all her motivation from pinterest, and wears the inspirational quotes on her shirt for everyone to see. You can often find this pinterest ponies taking selfies in the large mirrors at the gym and posting on all their social media channels after doing one crunch. #WorkHardPlayHard

The Liar




This is the girl you see dressed head to toe in her workout gear… at a doughnut shop instead of the gym. She wants you to think she leads an active life style, but in appearance only and is not willing to put the extra effort in to actually go to work out.


Image courtesy: Man Repeller  Illustrations by Charlotte Fassler 

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