Crocs: They’re Here, And You Can’t Escape

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Via @christopherkane
Via @christopherkane

I am sure that of all fashion-related possibilities in the universe of possibilities, the fact that Crocs could be one day considered cool did not even cross your mind on one day of crazy speculations. And instead, here we are, looking at Crocs slowly but steadily becoming an integral part of street style everywhere, and even hitting the runway at London Fashion Week.

Not only Christopher Kane sent the models out walking in Crocs, but he took it one step further bejeweling them with precious stones. What?Reporters from London Fashion Week can hardly pretend to be intrigued by the gamble and front-rowers seem confused if not downright horrified. As it is to be expected, memes ensue.


The obvious question to be asked stays: why? Did Christopher Kane decide to resuscitate Crocs from the pits of fashion hell for the sake of the uproar? There is no such thing as bad publicity, the say. Or maybe, just maybe, he just wanted to have a good laugh in our face. Or maybe, but that is the most unlikely possibility, Christopher Kane actually likes Crocs.

Actually, I think there might be another explanation that makes more sense than a designer’s sudden insanity. It all began last year with the advent of normcore and similar. While the trends promoted a very straightforward normality (duh), the fashion crowd quickly got bored and decided to take it one step further. The recall of the most nitty-gritty of pieces from the past decades and even borderline-ugly now-forgotten brands took over and with a passion. This is how we ended up with sleeveless bomber jackets in flashy reds and blues and dad hats. And Crocs, apparently.

if ugly fashion is becoming a thing, it’s good to embrace some awkward style moments from the past and make them big. It’s all about being less snobby, more open-minded, and more relaxed about personal style choices. Isn’t this what style is naturally about, after all? However, each tendency has its limits. And we want to draw a line. Before Crocs. And also fishing hats have kind of ran their course, to be fair.

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