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Notorious Etiquette: 5 Effective Ways To Really Defend Yourself

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We spotted the Hadid sisters, Bella and Gigi, getting out of the Max Mara backstage in Milan, after nicely posing for pictures with some fans the stunning duo made its way to their car, a crazy fan then decided to pick up Gigi and cary her against her will, the young model decided to quickly fight back and sent the crazy guy running for his life !
Photo via Kurier

After Gigi Hadid’s attack last week, we feel like it’s the necessary to take some steps ahead in the topic that is oh so dear to us: self-defense. In the first article, we described some easy-to-go-to tricks in order to feel a little safer. Today, we want to provide some more detailed techniques and useful links. Here is your little Notorious guide on how to defend yourself.

Again, take classes

We cannot stress this one enough. Being prepared for everything is always the best way to stay safe. If you really don’t have time to take classes, at least learn the basic moves.

Weapon up

Self-defense classes or not, you gotta weapon up, just to be safe. A classic is the good old pepper spray, and some even come with a practical keychain. But pepper spray is not the only good weapon out there. Check these babies out:

Although carrying around a more weapon-looking item can feel quite bad-ass, always make sure your weapon of choice is legal in your country!

Use the buddy system

Try to avoid coming home at night all alone. Walking with a friend or getting a ride back is always better than risking it. If you have to go home alone, make sure to have someone checking on you to see if you made it safely.

Also, use your head

We are all supporting equality here, but the very unfortunate situation is that women cannot walk around at night as freely as men. If you don’t have a buddy to walk home with for the night, avoid things such as wearing uncomfortable heels and other items that would prevent running in a dangerous situation. Also, don’t listen to music on the way. That is not a really smart thing to do.

Walk confidently

Attackers are cowards, and cowards are afraid of confidence. Keep your chin up, and you’ll most likely keep most attackers away. Arming yourself or being aware of a few self-defense moves will make you feel naturally more comfortable.

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