Hot Beauty Trend For Fall: Facial Oils

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facial oils
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Facial oils – Those tiny little bottles that promise not only soft and nourished skin, but also a pumped-up glow and immediate radiance, have become a huge thing. With Miranda Kerr, Kim Kardashian, and Kate Middleton all being big fans, it’s actually no wonder facial oils are flying off the shelves.

You’re still sceptical? Well, you have all the right to be. I mean, haven’t we all spent half of our lives trying to get rid of that oily skin? Why on earth would we now want to slather pure oil on our faces?

So let us talk about the benefits of facial oils. Here we go with 5 reasons, why adding facial oils to your daily beauty routine might be a pretty damn good idea:

They rebuild and maintain the skin’s lipid barrier

This makes the skin more resistant to external influences such as heated air, over-cleansing, exfoliating, stress or low humidity. It can also speed up the skin’s own healing process.

Botanical oils contain antioxidants

and therefore they protect the skin from free-radical damage.

They are preventing water loss more effectively

since oils are “fat loving” (lipophilic) they can pass the skin’s lipid layer faster than a cream. The result? Intense moisture as well as plump, smooth skin.

Great primer for anti-aging products

Also, if you put on facial oil before applying anti-aging cream, the oil molecules trick your skin into letting glycolic acid, vitamin c and all the other active ingredients even deeper into the skin.

They upgrade your make-up

Mixing facial oil with foundation is an absolute game changer – especially on colder days. Adding only a few drops of oil to your foundation will not only smooth out imperfections but also hydrate skin for an all-day make up look that doesn’t flake off.

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