6 Health And Beauty Myths, Debunked

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With all the people converting to gluten-free products, paleo diets and strict all-natural beauty regimes, it seems like the obsession concerning all things healthy could be doing more damage than good. It’s important to take care of your body, but misinformation on the topic can do as much harm as a month of cheeseburgers for lunch.

The main rule to keep in mind while browsing Pinterest in search for the perfect detox diets (spoiler: they usually don’t work) is one: don’t believe everything you read.

Let’s debunk some myths, shall we?

1. Hair grows back darker and thicker once shaved

The days fearing the razor are over. Shaving your hair doesn’t affect the roots, and it only seems like it’s growing thicker because the base popping out of your skin is wider than the top (the one you shaved right off).


photo courtesy: Fashionizers & GoodKovka

2. Your should wash your hair every day

Nope. Washing your hair every day can actually damage it, as the chemicals contained in hair products can strip down the natural nutrients your hair uses to take care of itself. Stick to a few times per week.

Woman washing hair in bathroom sink

photo courtesy: Huffington Post

3. Juicing is a great idea

No, it’s actually a pretty bad idea. Yes, you will lose weight — for about a couple of weeks. The liquid diet will slow down your metabolism, resulting in a possible extra weight gain once you resume a solid diet.


photo courtesy: Autumnbear

4. Detox diets are the next big thing

All this buzz about detoxing juices is widely misunderstood: your body already has a way to detox itself; ever heard of kidneys and liver? All the detox ‘regime’ you need involves eating more veggies, limiting alcohol and avoiding junk food. Here you go.


photo courtesy: Telegraph

5. Junk food causes acne

The occasional pizza or chocolate bar is not the reason of your latest acne breakout. However, when you decide to embrace the pizza diet or any steady fatty diet (but again, who does that after 14?), all the resulting toxins that you put in your body can affect skin balance.

Fast Food

photo courtesy: Pixshark

6. Split ends can heal

If you’ve just invested a good amount of money on a shampoo starter pack which promised to repair your split ends, you could have spent the money on something better, like a Netflix account. The only way to make split ends disappear is cutting them off.


photo courtesy: Briogeohair

feat. image: Ko-te

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