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Notorious Etiquette: How To Enjoy Some Quality Me-Time

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Via moneyza-killa.tumblr.com
Via moneyza-killa.tumblr.com

It’s September, and you know the drill: back to school, back to layering, back to cold weather anytime soon. In all the stress and the excitement of new beginnings, it’s important that you manage to find time for yourself as well. Yes, times are, once again, a-changing, and handling the end of summer meeting friends and keeping busy is important. However, another thing needs to find some, no, a lot of space in your weekly routine, and that is some quality me-time.

Me-time is when you forget about everyone and everything for a few hours and just dedicate yourself to…yourself. It feels good, trust me. Here is how to have some, because you deserve it.


Put your phone on silent, or switch it off altogether. Forget your emails, don’t take appointments. This time is for you. Simply disconnect for a while, and remember there used to be a time where there were no mobile phones and nobody went berserk over it. You’ll be fine — no, you’ll be even better.


Do those things you like but never have time to do. Take a long hot bath while eating some chocolates straight from the box. Read the book which has been forgotten on the shelf for so long. Draw, write, sing or do whatever is your thing. Give yourself a DIY SPA day. And don’t forget the guilty pleasures (hello, favorite candy).

Learn something new

If you really can’t stay quiet, it’s time to use this energy for something you’ll thank yourself for. Learn a new language, a new skill, or study something you’ve always been curious about.

Don’t be afraid to go outside

It’s time to defy society and do plenty of stuff by yourself. Think cinema, museums, lunches, coffees and treats. By yourself. It does make a difference.

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