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Notorious September Issue

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Summer officially lasts until September 22, but the fall mode is quick to take over once we are back from our holidays. I bet there are people out there wanting the cold to arrive faster so they can try out their new boots or coats.

But before the seasons change completely, let’s enjoy until the last summer day.

1. Meet your friends after the holidays

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You haven’t seen all your friends since July. Each one of them does a different thing, in a different place, visiting their families, doing a course abroad, spending the whole summer in a beach house, you name it. But September is the time to check who is tanned, who lost weight, who got blonder or even just to get back in touch. Invite a group of friends for a cocktail or breakfast. Simple, easy and cozy, where everyone can tell about their news.

2. Schedule an appointment at the hairdresser

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After the holidays, your hair is asking for some rest from the sun and the water (pools, lakes, the sea). A haircut and a Keratin treatment is the best. For dry hair, like mine, I recommend Kerastase shampoo, or coconut oil.

3. Check if you’ve written all your Thank You cards

Via giphy.com/chuber
Via giphy.com/chuber

If you’ve read our post about being the perfect summer guest, you know that the golden rule is a beautiful, handwritten Thank You card. Although it is better to write it as soon as possible, sometimes we forget; it’s the sun and the lazy day’s fault. In any case; better late than never. Remember where you were as a guest and write a few sweet words about how your stay was incredible. If you don’t want to lie, write only that it was unforgettable. Unforgettable can be either good or bad.

4. Back to the routine.

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Waking up early, getting back to the gym, working a full day, getting ready for shorter days, less light. It’s a daily routine but it doesn’t need to be a drama. Take life less serious. Make a different breakfast. Change your workout routine, for example. I promised myself that I would never do yoga in my life. Guess what I’m going to start next week? Change the song on your alarm clock. If you are used to going to work by car or subway, try going riding a bicycle.

Well, welcome back to reality. More on trends for this Fall, click here.

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