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Notorious Etiquette: How To Handle The End Of Summer

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Photo via americangallery.wordpress.com
Photo via americangallery.wordpress.com

I am sorry I have to break this to you, but summer is over. Dead. Gone. As of next week, we will say goodbye to August and we will welcome September, and with it also all the things you don’t want to think about: end of the beach months, beginning of school, and the approach of Fall. Yay.

Ok, but it doesn’t need to be this dramatic. Actually, you know, Fall is a great season. I know it’s hard to let go of the freedom of putting on a sundress and sandals in the morning and just leaving the house like this. But there are solutions to the end-of-summer blues, I tell you. Here they go.

Go swimming every day, starting today

Even if you don’t want to. Even if you forgot to shave. If there is nowhere to swim, go to the park to sunbathe. I promise you that, by middle September, you’ll have had enough of bikinis and sweating and children screaming and sand / grass in your bag.

Think of the feasts

You know what’s coming up with Fall and Winter? Christmas. If you’re American, even Thanksgiving. Think of the food. Think of the celebrations. Think of the music. Think of Halloween, even!

Think of the layering

Yes, as we said, throwing on a sundress and sandals is bliss, but we cannot underestimate the pleasure of layering. Think of all the new pieces your wardrobe will just have to be filled with.

Think of the coziness

Yeah, heat is great, but have you tried to cuddle when it’s 30°? If you have, I am pretty sure you didn’t like it. Embrace the idea of the upcoming sweater weather, as well as blankets, hot chocolate and movies while it rains.

And don’t worry…it’s just another 10 months to next summer! Yes, I know this is a long time.

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