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Notorious Etiquette: Rules for Guests and Hosts

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You have just received an invitation to spend a few days in the house of your most rich and stylish friends. What now?! The joy lasts for a few seconds until you get swarmed by deep existential questions: what to wear, which gift should I bring, how much money do I have in my bank account this month?

This article will help you to keep your cool in a world that’s a few million Euros away from yours.

  • Relax and Enjoy:

They are super rich and therefore you feel super poor, right? Wrong.

In order not to look like you are sponging off your hosts, you will begin to help clear the table, to tidy the room and take care of your friend’s children. Stop that right now. Surely your friends have staff to do all this work. Remember that you were invited because they like your company, to chat with you and your good humor. In the worst scenario, you were invited at the last time to replace someone else that couldn’t come. Leave your petit bourgeois complexes at home and have fun.

  • Gift:

Bringing a gift as a thank you for the invitation is necessary. But no one wrote in no etiquette manual that it has to be an expensive gift. Your friends are rich and yes, they have everything. If you want to spend, spend time thinking about a creative and fun gift.


  • The restaurant bill:

Your credit card is made of plastic, and not elastic. Therefore, don’t offer to pay the restaurant bill if you have no credit. Remember, your friends are bon-vivants, good wines and Uruguayan rib-eye steak is the minimum.  

On the other hand, offer a unique culinary moment for the hosts and the other guests: prepare a different cocktail, learn to make the authentic Brazilian caipirinha, for example. Or cook a delicious appetizer that will leave everyone happy and impressed with your ability to entertain the group.


  • Manners and Politeness:

Nothing draws more attention than good manners. And nothing draws more attention than bad manners. So, say “please” and “thank you” often. Don‘t complain about anything: the stress of traveling, of sleepless nights, mosquitos, food intolerance or about your partner’s flaws. Personal problems are NOT interesting subjects.

On the contrary, be open to every kind of activity, don’t be the first to go to sleep, surprise them with fun and interesting topics, dance, sing, smile and laugh a lot. Don‘t forget that the best way to pay back all the pampering you are getting is to be happy and make others feel happy as well.

  • Rules that never change:

Don‘t speak ill of other guests. I know it‘s difficult, but this mortification will make you a stronger person. Behave at the table. Most likely, you already behave, otherwise, you wouldn‘t be invited. When you get back home, write a thank you card.


  • What to expect from your hosts:

You’re not the only one that has to follow rules to be invited again. Your hosts also have a to-do list for you, so you‘ll accept the invitation again.

They have the house, the staff, the boat, the money, and are sharing it with you, which is already quite generous. But a good host, regardless of the bank account, make their guests feel good. All previous rules also apply to them. When inviting and being invited, you are sharing something that is priceless: the ability to offer each other a happy time.


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