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Disappointment With Zara. Copyrights Infringement Alert!

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No, it’s not disappointment with the quality or the price of Zara’s clothes. It’s disappointment with the attitude of the brand regarding copyrights.

Zara is THE retail business model. The numbers grow every year: sells and stores. They were the first to produce fast fashion in Europe, specifically in Spain, giving up the model made in China, and thus, increasing distribution speed. We were “trained” by Zara to find the looks paraded in fashion week months before they are officially released.

For this and the friendly price tag, we love Zara. But, as with all loving relationships, we also have to be prepared for the disappointments and the broken hearts.

Zara was recently accused of “stealing” the work of designer Tuesday Bassen.

Zara has been using Tuesday‘s illustrations without consulting her, much less paying for it. The designer has contacted the Spanish company without any success. She filed a legal action, but she‘s not sure if she will have the financial resources to continue fighting against the largest textile company in the world.

Zara, if you created a brilliant production model, where you avoid the bad slave and wage labor from Asian countries, then why not pay the copyright of a young designer? Should she work for free, and your company close the fiscal year with a profit of 2.88 billion euros?

Screen Shot 2016-07-24 at 3.28.40 PM

Read below the tweets of Tuesday Bassen, which tell step by step her fight against Zara.

disapointment-zara-1 disapointment-zara-12disapointment-zara-13disapointment-zara-14 disapointment-zara-15



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