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Notorious Etiquette: How To Have A Proper Staycation

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Photo via loversaresquare.blogspot.com
Photo via loversaresquare.blogspot.com

No time or money to leave the city this summer? No problem. I mean, yes, it can be a little bit of a problem if you spend your time on Facebook going through photos of friends enjoying their two weeks in Greece. But as long as you let your envy go, you can actually discover a wide world just outside (and inside) your door. Once you manage to take those few days off (please, take those few days off), all you need to do is relax, and enjoy the many possibilities staying behind can actually offer. Here is how to have a proper staycation.

Remember: you can do whatever you damn please

You time, your choices to make. Watch tv all day? Why not. Amusement park week? Sure. Depending on money and time, remember it’s your staycation, and you should make up for your lack of golden sand and transparent sea doing whatever the hell you want.

Stock up on snacks

If your pick is literal Netflix and literal chill, you might as well fill up that pantry with all kind of guilty pleasures. Aren’t vacations all about guilty pleasures anyways? Ah, and don’t forget the ice cream.

Explore the “outdoors”

And I mean get out the door. Have you ever been a tourist in your city? Maybe it’s time.

Do something simple you never have the time to do

Reward yourself, in simple ways. Always wanted to check out that exhibition and never had the time? Now you do. Every wanted to try out that coffee shop that makes gigantic cupcakes? Hell to the yes.

Spoil yourself to the max

One word: SPA. You can have a full DIY SPA session in your living room and be happy as a clam. So get yourself all the necessaire and call up some girlfriends. Once back to work, I guarantee you’ll look just as relaxed as Kathi from HR who went to Hawaii.

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