How To Do A Pre-Vacation Detox

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It is known: most of us get the chance to enjoy a little holiday┬ájust as August approaches. Therefore, it is not uncommon to wake up one day one of the last days of July in utter panic. August is around the corner, the gym you had promised yourself to attend as one of your New Year’s resolutions is probably now closed for holidays, and you are probably struggling to get back into last year’s bikini.

It’s not about the weight, though. When on vacation, we tend to forget about our routine and binge on more or less everything: food, drinks, couch-potato mode, chill time. And that is about right. However, in order not to get back home more tired than when you left, a pre-vacation detox is in order. This way, you can start your relaxing week in the best of moods and physical conditions. So, let’s get to our pre-vacation detox!

Drink plenty

Of water. As usual, this is always trick number one to cleanse your body of all toxins, together with sweating it out. And that where our next tip comes from…

Exercise, even just a little

Go for a short daily run, or do it at least a couple of times a week. Or do some yoga. Or whatever. Even a little bit of exercise, with the aid of the summer heat, will help you clean your body from the inside out. Also, it’s healthy, ya know?

Don’t overstress

Yes, the last days in the office before taking off for the Maldives can be crazy stressful, but you should really take it easy. Too much stress followed by complete relaxation can at times be not much of a smooth transition, leaving you with psychosomatic pain and anxiety due to your mind being overcharged. So, chill out.


In the shower. With a brush. Because glowing new skin ready for a tan is better than dry skin and clogged pores. Period.


Meaning: sleep enough. Go to bed early and get up early. Avoid tiring yourself out (see also: overstressing yourself) thinking you’ll sleep on holiday. Because that’s the point: why spending your holiday sleeping?

Eat clean

Last but not least, ditch the burgers for some fresh salads and veggies and lean meat. Keep your diet light and your body will thank you when you’ll frolic around in Crete.

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